Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cochabomba, Bolivia - City of Eternal Spring

Hey Guys,

Im typing this in Cochabomba, Bolivia, one of the most beautiful cities Ive been to, ever... Id like to update you guys on the past two weeks. Our DTS school took a bus from Chiclayo, Peru in the northern part of the country to Lima, where we changed bus stations for Arequipa, Peru in the south. In total we were on a bus for 24 hrs, until my team arrived in a town in southern Peru on the coast called Camana, the rest of the school went on to do ministry in Arequipa. So, it was a grey, bleak week, but we pressed on and worked with a church and a school there. I could tell God was working at the school with the students and staff and that was awesome. Overall Camana was alright, I got a little sick, but God was with us and it was a good experience. Early monday morning we loaded up on a bus for Arequipa, Peru to meet up with the other students. We stayed there for an afternoon and that night loaded up on a bus for Arica, Chile. From Arica we had lunch and then loaded up on a bus for Cochabomba, Bolivia. Now I could describe that busride all in one blog, but Ill spare you. I had to remind myself numerous times, I prayed and put the trip in Gods hands, but I was a little concerned at times for sure. We traveled through the Ande´s mountains and we would pass gas tankers while going around curves with nothing but a straight dropoff below us. We were about 6kms up and I had a bit of a headache, but after 13 hrs on bus we arrived in Cochabomba, Bolivia at 430 in the morning. Im here in Cochabomba in a very nice neighborhood with HOT WATER!!! So exciting, i will NEVER take for granted hot water. Also God is moving mightily here, Im excited to work with this church for a couple more days and Ill give you more details when I have a little more time. Please pray for a harvest and that my team and I are in tune with the Holy Spirit in all we do. Love you guys, until next time be blessed!!!



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