Friday, April 9, 2010

So High - In Padre

Sooo, I was sort of a trouble maker growing up, no I was, and my mom packed me a large suitcase and told me I was going to summer camp with the youth group. I was bummed out at first, I sort of ditched the whole church thing and had my own thing going ( working out and when I could getting high), but when I thought about it more how bad could a week on the beach be, even with a church group... So 9 crazy long hours we arrive to Padre, the trip down there was epic. I wont go into detail, just a bunch of goons wired and amped for the beach. I thought some of the people were soooo lame, the first couple hours I wished I had some bud, but then I started talking to people and realized they were pretty normal. The first night we had our first meeting, the excitement in the room was intense. People screeming, Oscar making jokes, it was actually pretty awesome. The speaker got up and did his thing. Let me tell u what, I think EVERY person on the planet should listen to what this guy has to say. Its not him saying it though, its the Holy Spirit pouring out of him and piercing the hearts of the audience. The holy spirit pierced my heart that night, not through the speaker, but through worship. We had worship for about 30-45 minutes and for the first 25 minutes I was wierded out. I didnt want to be into the whole closing eyes, raising hands, I had to be a tough guy, thats how I was gonna get the lady's. Well that idea didn't last long, I started talking to God, why not, it wasn't like I was at a church camp or something... I asked Him to let me experience Him like these people were, with passion and abandon. He met me word for word. I started singing after that prayer and it was like a wave of joy hit me like a mac truck. I started singing louder to God for letting me experience this joy I'd never felt before. Pure raw joy, joy that's not from this world. Joy that changed my life forever. I had heard of Jesus and asked him into my heart in the seventh grade and sort of left it at that. I got baptized my freshman year in confirmation and for the first time I truly felt God. That week changed my life, forever. There are two songs that are ingrained into my mind and one of the songs the chorus goes like this So hear my spirit groan in me, a painful sense of urgency to tell you that you are to me, So High. It was the third day we were there, it was a work day, we had worship that night and I was bellowing this song, like I said when God got ahold of me the impressing girls thing was like third priority... Anywho, I was bellowing this song and I had a vision as I had my eyes closed and hands in the air. It was the most beautiful picture I've ever seen, cause it was like live, it was Jesus and I holding each other and we were walking up a hill. The other song was Speechless, and one of the lines in the song goes like this, I was your wondering son, I squandered everything u gave to me, I stood far off and thought, that you wouldn't want anything to do with me. But you were waiting for me, said there's nothing to prove, and I am speechless. And from then on I was sold out for Christ. For him to let me experience him in that way was totally awesome. Words can't describe how I felt, and the change was real. I got home, my friend owed me a G, I told him to keep it, I'm done and they were actually arrested for possession two weeks later...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Game Day

Its 10th grade, I play football for Jasper High School in Good Ol' Plano, and we're playing Shepton, its 2nd period. I write on the grease board, SHEPTON SUCKS in my canine science class. I am so pumped up, Im on edge the whole day. I have a knot in my stomach right before lunch, no wait, that's just straight up hunger. I'm walking the halls after lunch and I was big man of campus, the excitement of the big game is overwhelming, so much that I didn't pay a bit of attention in one class. The bell rang, schools out, I go to subway, gameday tradition and get a footlong and then a 6inch. 3 hrs before gametime... I am soooo pumped up. I got my CD player on, haha, Ipods weren't even heard of then... I'm listening to three doors down, system of a down, and drowning pool, all types of blood pumping music, I was raging by this time. its a bout an hr and a half before gametime and I just cant wait to rip one of the soon to be Plano West kids heads clear off. Words, especially mine cant capture the excitement that I experienced that day, and many days like it. I feel the same way if not even more excited about the holiday that celebrates my Lord and Savior rising from the dead after dying on the cross for the whole worlds sin. I am a christian, I go to a church, I have a relationship with my creator. Only because HE rose from the dead. There is no religion called Christianity without Jesus Christ rising from the dead. No christian church, no nothing, just a crazy guy who died on a cross like so many in history. So today at work I listined to some Hillsong United, Third Day, and many other christian bands thanks to Pandora, and was getting so pumped up. Getting so excited. Telling other people to have a great Easter. I wanted to write SATAN SUCKS somewhere but that's childish and Jesus' already took care of that... Tomorrow is Game Day Christians. The day we celebrate our savior rising from the dead and kicking satan's (&#. Get excited people we have that same power that raised Christ from the dead to do mighty things for Him who created us. Its GameDay!!!
Later yall.

Friday, April 2, 2010

New to the whole blog thing

So, My name is George Franklin Palmer IV as the majority of you know since your taking the time to look at my blog. I hate writing, I always have since I can remember, always rather talk than take the time to write something down, anywho. Anywho, I have been told by many people that I needed to write down all the awesome stuff God has done in my life over my lifetime and since I'm sort of a narcisist I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone. I'm not a great writer, I just sort of write like I would be talking to you. I dont plan on going over my life story just on some God breathed events that have taken place since August of 08. My hope is that Jesus Christ gets glorified by the awesome things He's done in my life. See yall later