Monday, June 20, 2011

Im in a Chiclayo state of mind!!!

Hey Guys,

Im writing or should I say typing this blog from Chiclayo, Peru. I ended the last blog talking about what happened in the jungle. It was a wonderful time and I miss it so much. We spent a week in Iquitos, Peru doing ministry with a Christian Missionary Alliance Church and it was such a great experience. My outreach team has 11 people, ten students and a leader. We got split up to live with different church families for the week, and my family was just amazing. The dad was a ton of fun and had us cracking up till late at night, he would speak portugese to me and then laugh when I would just nod my head and say si... During the lecture phase of the shcool we lived in the YWAM base, and it was really nice, well furnished, and very safe. Im not saying the house wasnt safe, but I feel like I got a better feeling of what Iquitos is really like living with a family in their home for a week. I actually loved the city in a new way, it wasnt just foreign and exciting, it was like I saw the need of the people and was able to be work with the people, and it was incredible. We did many impacts or street evangelism if you call it, and the first day I gave my testimony and preached to end the impact. A couple of people accepted Christ and it was amazing. The most amazing thing of the whole week for me was talking to a teenager names Priscilla. She accepted Christ and we ended up praying for her family and other things in her life. This was on a wednesday morning. On Saturday night we had a youth service,but I didnt invite her to it because I didnt know we were doing it at the time. So Saturday night rolls around and were at the youth service and Priscilla walks in. She has a blast and made some friends, and I pray that she gets plugged into that church. It really blew me away, how she found out about the youth service, I dont know, but she came and was impacted by God even more. Overall the Iquitos outreach was really great, I learned alot about my team, and we grew in unity with God and one another. That sounds cliche, but we did. We flew into Lima last tuesday morning, spent the day in Lima, and took a 16 hour bus ride to Chiclayo, Peru. Ive been here since Wednesday afternoon. I LOVE this city. Its a little ugly where were at, Im not going to lie. Coming from the lucious (SP?) jungle to the arid desert is a shock, but the weather... makes all the difference. It is PERFECT!!! 70´s during the day 60´s at night, its dry, you DONT sweat... Ive gotten used to sweating for the past 3 months, well not anymore!!! God has been moving in me more mightily it seems like. We did our last service last night and we were just going to do a drama, so we were told. Our leader comes in and informs us that one of us needs to give a sermon in like 20 minutes, an hour sermon... I stepped up to the plate, and God knocked it out of the park. I shared my testimony and ended it with many bible verses. I did an alter call and no one came forward. I was like alright God no biggie, Id never done one of those before, but I felt God leading me to do it. So after about a minute I asked if anyone needed encouragement from God and wanted prayer to come forward to be prayed for. A flood of around 30 people came before I knew what was going on. They were crying and praying and crying out to God. It was incredible. In the beginning I was just hoping to make it through the sermon, but God truly spoke through me and edified that church. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget. Im getting more bold in my faith and I love the opportunities to preach and pray for people and be of service however I can. Thanks for reading this blog, and next week I will have an update from Camena, Peru, a fishing village on the southern coast. God bless you all and you´re in my prayers.

George Palmer

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  1. What a great post George!!! I am so amazed at the things that you are doing and how God is really doing some great things in your life. I can't believe that you have been there so long already. Jamie and I have been praying for you and Amber just about every night and we think of you often. Keep up the good work and relying on Him and Him alone.