Sunday, April 3, 2011

In tune!

Hey guys,

So about a month before coming to Iquitos, a student from a previous DTS gave his information on a facebook page for anyone who has any questions to ask him. So I called him and talked to him and he answered a bunch of my questions and it was great. He spoke to me about a thing called Inner Healing week, he said it was good and that was it, he went over other stuff, and I was glad I talked to him. So sunday night I was spending time with God and was wondering what the speaker was going to talk about, I shut up and just meditated on God and was silent, then I heard the words loud and clear, sort of like from the phone conversation, this next week is going to be inner healing week. I was like well that´s cool, what are we going to do sit in a circle and hold a candle singing coombaya... I mean I just wasn´t expecting much from it, as far as I knew I had turned over a whole bunch of things over to God and he healed me from a bunch of things, well I was in for a big surprise. I have been hearing from God a whole lot and monday morning I came down and asked one of the staff, hey is this week inner healing week? She looked at me wierd and was like um yeah, it is, why do you ask. I was like oh just wondering... I told her later, but it was just cool to be affirmed like that. Later on I told the director of the school what had happened and he was like well it sure seems you´re tuned in... That´s how I can describe this school experience so far, plus culture shock, learning spanish, and everything else, its like Im getting a tune up from God Himself. You take a car running or not to get a tune up so it runs with more efficiency and prevents any major damages later on. God healed me of many things over this past week and it literally felt like a weight was lifted off of me. I felt maybe around 2 lbs. maybe 3..., and I was so joyful, smiling ear to ear with the joy of the Lord. I´m learning more and more spanish as the days go on, I am able to speak to people in spanish, very broken and with a lot of que´s?... Im going on a mini outreach this next week-weekend. We´re going to go out into the jungle and preach and do drama´s etc... So, ive waited this long to let you guys know so here I go. The second week here we started drama, doing skits, drama´s, all sorts of stuff to perform to large crouds. After doing this for a week I said I can do some of the dramas, but as long as I don´t do a lot of the stuff for kids like all the baby dances and especially being a clown I´ll be fine. Well a part of God giving me a tune-up is giving me the role of a clown, that or the Trinity is having a blast with me up there... Yes, I said it, they think I would be a good clown, and it gets better, I am going to have to teach others how to be a clown. We go into villages gathering people and then preach and share the gospel in many ways. All that drama stuff is good and all, but I can´t wait to go door to door, or hut to hut and evangelize, im not fluent but i can do alright, and Im gonna be doing some preaching as well. Thanks so much for all of your support, prayerfully and everything else. I can´t thank God enought for each and every one of you. I am learning life lessons for ministry in the future-present, and am just overwhelmed with thankfulness to everyone who has made this trip possible. My prayer is that God will be alive and well and giving you a tune-up in your own lives. God bless you all.


George Palmer


  1. YEAH GEORGIE! I'm so proud of you kiddo. Steven and I continue to pray for you. Keep tuning in buddy. We love you!

  2. Sorry about the whole clown thing ... Praying for you to have many opportunities to share Christ's love. You definitely pour it out.

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  4. Awesome to hear from you George + sounds like God is very much using you!!! Take care buddy + God Bless!!