Sunday, March 6, 2011

first week¡¡¡

Hey guys,

So, first week was intense. I arrived in Iquitos on saturday night and it has been a week and a day. I am doing a DTS program through YWAM, its a 6 month school, 3 months in the class room learning what it is to be a missionary and 3 months of hands on work in the feild to see if being a missionary is legit or not. I´ve gotten to know a lot of the people here and they are all awesome. The first three days we all had classes and orientation. Still adjusting to living in a different country and everyone realizing that we all are in a constant state of sweating... I´ve learned to love rice... and more rice... So by wednesday I started to get into a routine of what is going on with schedule etc... Well thursday held a surprise that impacted me more than I would´ve ever expected. Thursday at 9:00 they had us pack a bag a little smaller than a walmart sack and it had to be for a retreat, that was all the info we were given. So being in the jungle and all i brought 100% deet and toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, two pairs of socks, three pair of underwear, and two shirts. We were able to bring a sleeping bag and water bottle seperate of tiny bag... We loaded up on a bus and headed into the jungle... we arived and we were given food, a machete, a shovel, cookwear, plates and utensils. our leader took us deeper into the jungle and we had there 3 2x4x12, 10 2x10x12, and a bunch of jungle looking 4x4x4´s a big tarp, a bag of nails, a hammer, and 6 mosquito nets. there were 10 of us in our team. At first I hated it. I was hotter than I had ever been, even with 100% deet, i was being eaten alive by mosquitos, i was soaked from sweat like three hours into it. I lead the construction of the tent, and it was water/bug proof... one thing that night as we all piled into it, one of our team members from Holland yelled out. Hey guys we built a sauna... Hip Hip Haroo!!! It was hilarious. I was so frustrated. I wasn´t in control of anything, whatever the school staff had planned i had to do and they didn´t tell us. needless to say i was taken out of my comfort zone. Our team lost every single competition there was. I´m a competitive person who HATES losing. Needless to say I have lost every competition we have had since the school has started and with the extremes of the environment, the lack of control of what´s going on, being stung by an amazonian wasp in the eye, eaten alive by mosquitos and bugs ive never seen before, some character issues started boiling up to the surface. I turned into a jerk to my teamates, or so I did in my head. I realized I have major pride issues and in some ways that stops me from being tought. I´m being refined by fire, or worse, survivor camp... I´m growing and learning and this is just the first week. I´m excited and ready for anything. Have a great week guys and I´ll update next week!


  1. But the pot he was shaping from the clay was marred in his hands; so the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to him... Declares the Lord, "Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in My hand." (Jer 18:4...5)

    You're not losing, George! You are becoming the man that the Lord wants you to be and that makes you a winner. Give it time... Hang in there. The Lord will sustain you!

    So good to hear from you!!!
    much love!

  2. Dearest George..... I so saw this coming... Jesus knows every single weakness we have and your honest rendition of what happened to you shows your willingness to surrender to God's ultimate Power in your life.... Every single day, your heart and head will say..,. I will never be the same, because He has changed me, molded me and yes.. refined me with fire. Think about how you have been impacted so far... Son.. there is much more coming.... let loose of the guide wire and enjoy the ride. I am loving your updates and watch weekly to see what God is making happen in your life. Also know He knows your strengths, the gifts He gave you and He is going to use you like never before. I can't wait to hear. All the kids are praying for you each Wednesday.... Love, Robyn

  3. Wow George, isnt it amazing to know a God that can teach us humility, and spritual truth at the same time?? God Bless you Son..

  4. Hi George, I just got back from the Haiti mission trip and I understand the culture shock you are feeling. You are on a wondrous, unpredictable adventure. Trust God and roll with it. You are in my prayers....Blessings, Dawn

  5. proud of you! excited for what's happening in your life through this experience. :)