Sunday, February 27, 2011

Arrived in Iquitos!!!

Hello Yall,

Man there is so much to update you guys on. I arrived in Iquitos last night at 800 and wow, I was in the jungle. We got off the plane via stairs, the smell was like none I´ve smelled, not bad, just different. It was pitch black minus the random lights around. and the lights that were around had so many flying insects around them!!! It was strange, there are ver few cars here, all mototaxies. and they drive like a kid on their 21st birthday... I´m so glad I arrived here, I love it. There are too many words describe all that I´m experiencing\taking in. I´ve met the majority of the ppl in the school and they are great. I gave someone directions in spanish and he understood what i was saying,this will be the beginning of many updates on spanish... I start te actual DTS En la maƱana !!!

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  1. You survived a long journey to get to Iquitos... Miss you already. Cant wait to hear about your adventure in the jungle. Keep sharing your story. God pulled you out and placed you on the rock for a reason!