Saturday, April 3, 2010

Game Day

Its 10th grade, I play football for Jasper High School in Good Ol' Plano, and we're playing Shepton, its 2nd period. I write on the grease board, SHEPTON SUCKS in my canine science class. I am so pumped up, Im on edge the whole day. I have a knot in my stomach right before lunch, no wait, that's just straight up hunger. I'm walking the halls after lunch and I was big man of campus, the excitement of the big game is overwhelming, so much that I didn't pay a bit of attention in one class. The bell rang, schools out, I go to subway, gameday tradition and get a footlong and then a 6inch. 3 hrs before gametime... I am soooo pumped up. I got my CD player on, haha, Ipods weren't even heard of then... I'm listening to three doors down, system of a down, and drowning pool, all types of blood pumping music, I was raging by this time. its a bout an hr and a half before gametime and I just cant wait to rip one of the soon to be Plano West kids heads clear off. Words, especially mine cant capture the excitement that I experienced that day, and many days like it. I feel the same way if not even more excited about the holiday that celebrates my Lord and Savior rising from the dead after dying on the cross for the whole worlds sin. I am a christian, I go to a church, I have a relationship with my creator. Only because HE rose from the dead. There is no religion called Christianity without Jesus Christ rising from the dead. No christian church, no nothing, just a crazy guy who died on a cross like so many in history. So today at work I listined to some Hillsong United, Third Day, and many other christian bands thanks to Pandora, and was getting so pumped up. Getting so excited. Telling other people to have a great Easter. I wanted to write SATAN SUCKS somewhere but that's childish and Jesus' already took care of that... Tomorrow is Game Day Christians. The day we celebrate our savior rising from the dead and kicking satan's (&#. Get excited people we have that same power that raised Christ from the dead to do mighty things for Him who created us. Its GameDay!!!
Later yall.

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